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Stop Greenland Killing Whales to Feed Tourists

  • Target: The Government of Denmark
  • Sponsored by: Judith B.

Greenland (an overseas territory of Denmark) is using a convenient loophole in the international ban on commercial whaling. Under the agreement, sustenance whaling, the killing of whales by native communities living traditional lifestyles to feed themselves, is allowable. But several countries have used this loophole as an excuse to continue blatantly commercial whaling operations.

Sustenance whaling is not what is happening in Greenland. Hundreds of whales from critically endangered species are slaughtered to keep tourists entertained with a gastronomic novelty - whale meat. Now Denmark wants permission to kill even more whales.

An investigation by the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society revealed that hotels and restaurants in Greenland openly sell fin, minke, beluga and narwhal meat, often presented in "fun" ways, for example as whale burgers.

Tell Denmark to stop allowing the slaughter of these intelligent and endangered creatures for such a trite purpose.